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Privacy and Data details
What Data Do We Collect?
For the input data that you submit, we only store it temporarily while we process it, and we remove it after process complete.
For the output data, we store data temporarily for max 24h so you can download the data. The data itself using hashed key to avoid public user to access your data. We do not use and utilize your input / output data in any way.
We collect analytical data:
  • What pages you access. This data will be used to recommend you with other interesting tools.
  • The device and software you use. To better optimize the user experience.
  • The analytical data that we have cannot be linked back to you / your email / your IP and we only store it in aggregated form.
    Your browser stores some of this data using cookies. Your browser sends cookie data to Google Adsense every time you visit our pages. We also use your cookie for authentication and light/dark theme feature or other features to enhance user experience.
    How Do We Share This Analytical Data?
    We Share this data with 1 third party:
  • Google Adsense: ads platform to keep this site running. The data limited to analytical data only
  • We have made sure the third parties who are not in the EU protect the data to the same extent as companies in the EU.
    Analytical Data will be used for:
  • Better understand our user requirements
  • Advertisement to keep this site running
  • Where do we store the data?
    We temporarily store your input / output data in either EU or US Data Center.
    Last Update: 26 March 2023
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    Data & Privacy
    We respect your data. Uploaded file/data/input will be automatically deleted. And the processed data will be deleted less than a day.
    More detail on privacy here
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