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SHA3/256 Hash

Generate SHA 3 hash with 256 bit length from your text or file.

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SHA-3 256 bit Hash Generator

SHA3 is based on keccak algorithm.

From the standard of SHA3 published by NIST, SHA3 will be grouped as:

Hash Functions (fixed output length): - SHA3-224 - SHA3-256 - SHA3-384 - SHA3-512

Sponge Functions (variable output length): - SHAKE256 - SHAKE512

What part of Keccak changed for this SHA3 standard?

  • Padding Scheme Changed : to support fixed-length hashes and sponges, and to support tree hashing
  • More capacities: Keccak originally only has 256 and 512 capacities
  • Using tunable parameter which can make security / performance tradeoff

Although it is named SHA3, SHA3 is internally different from its predecessors such as SHA1 and SHA2.

SHA3 use Sponge construction, not Merke-Damgård construction which used on MD4, MD5, RIPE-MD, RIPE-MD160, SHA0, SHA1, SHA2.



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