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Markdown Formatter / Beautifier / Prettier

Note: This tool can format code blocks inside markdown as well

What is Markdown ?

Markdown is a markup language, mostly used to generate formatted text. The markdown text can be converted into other format, such as HTML and PDF. And the interesting part is the text that you are reading right now generated from markdown. We choose markdown instead of direct HTML because of the portability and we can store the file as markdown (extenstion in .md) instead of html.

Sample of Markdown Text :

# Hi Guys
## I'm the second header
| Plane    | Airport | Hours |
| -------- | :-----: | ----: |
| Jetsky   |   LHR   |  1338 |


- List
- List 2

with a [link] (

Those text can be converted to HTML such as :

<h1>Hi Guys</h1>
<h2>I'm the second header</h2>
<th align="center">Airport</th>
<th align="right">Hours</th>
<td align="center">LHR</td>
<td align="right">1338</td>
<hr />
<li>List 2</li>
<p>with a [link] (<a href=""></a>)</p>

Why you need to format the Markdown ?

Formatted markdown will be easier to read, especially by the creator. Hence the debugging or collaboration process can be much faster. After markdown formatted, usually the structure will still the same but remove the ambiguity, so this is why formatted markdown from one people will be quite similar with markdown from the other people because formatted markdown follow similar principle.



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