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Sanitize or escape the input text to URL encoded text

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URL Format Encoder and Decoder

Why the text URL encoded ?

If you try to access the website with browser, you may have already seeing the url may contain %20%E8meandyou%BO, well it is because of url encoding.

Most of URL encoding have function to sanitize or escaping the user input from some reserved character or query, such as ' ; & < > and many more.

More advanced topics

From the programmer side, sanitizing or escaping input is important to make sure that the user inputted text not messing with the back-end system or even the front end.

Some cool example is: Let's say we have website A, in that website we can create our profile with our name on it. And one more thing: website A doesn't sanitize or escaping the user input.

So What will happen is:

Good People Input John Doe, so his profile name can be seen as John Doe.

Bad(sort of) People Input <b>John Doe</b>, so his profile name can be seen as John Doe.

Notice that the bad people can be apparead as bold character. Bold character is just an example. We can change the <b> tag to the more harmful text, and that can mess things up.

So, sanitize or escape user inputted text :)

So, the following word :谢谢

Encoded in URL Format:


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