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What is YAML ?

YAML = YAML Ain't Markup Language

What is YAML ?

YAML (YAML Ain't Markup Language) is a data serialization standard or format which is human friendly. If you notice the syntax, is is pretty similar to Python syntax because of the indentation. Yes, indentation is important on YAML(the indentation before text) , so if you miss the indentation before the text, your YAML text may no longer valid.

By using indentation, YAML text also more easier to read

Sample of YAML Formatted Text :

name: doggy
- duration: 5
  name: bark
- duration: 2
  name: smile
- duration: 99999
  name: loving

Sample of Invalid YAML Text :

name: doggy
- duration: 3
  name: bark
- duration: 2
- name: smile

Why you need to format the HTML ?

Formatted YAML is consistent, which is useful if we have lots of YAML text with different space/way of doing. Consistent YAML helpful in the debugging or collaboration process.



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